GetItGeek is the first of its kind and unique technology themed ‘geek’ shop. It’s a literal shout-out to all those geeks out there, urging them to let their inner nerd loose.

Are you a frequent blockchain user? A little obsessed with bitcoins? Deciding its android over apple? Flaunt it. Wear a t-shirt with a cryptocurrency reference, buy unique tech related collectibles and show off your crazy geeky keychains. All this and much more can be found on, GetItGeek, making geeks the new chic.

  • What is GetItGeek all about?

GetItGeek is an online tech shop providing geeks all around the world with merchandise that satisfies their obsession with cryptocurrency, bitcoins, block chain, android, apple etc. the products include everything from custom designed t-shirts, watches, keychains and many other cool collectible items.

  • Do I need to sign up to use GetItGeek?

Yes, signing up at GetItGeek helps you keep track of your shopping, gives you access to our email updates and your data remains saved for when you wish to purchase again.

  • How do I sign up at GetItGeek?

It is an easy and one time process, simply go to GetItGeek.com, click on Account at the top right corner, then under the column of register, put in your correct email address and set a password, click on Register to allow the geek in you to officially join this techy world.

  • What types of products can I hope to see at GetItGeek?

All products are based on a cryptocurrency and technology related theme. This theme is executed on apparel items, accessories like watches, keychains etc. and some special collectible items are available too. More variety of products are continuously being added on.

  • Is the subscription fees refundable?

The subscription fees for a product, service or upgrade, once selected, is non-refundable.

  • How Geeky Stuff can I hope for?

Our apparels, accessories and collectibles are of great variety as to appeal to all kinds of people with different types of interests, some of the franchises you may find are android, apple, bitcoin, block chain, dash, doge coin, electroneum, ethereum, hodl, iota, litecoin, monero, nem, peercoin, ripple, steem, stellar, Walton, zcash etc.

  • What’s the purpose of a WishList in my profile?

Scrolling through the vast amount of products at GetItGeek, you might sometimes run across geeky goods you like but are not yet prepared to buy, these products can be added to your wish list. The products added to your wish list will be saved for future reference and can be accessed in your profile.

  • Where does GetItGeek deliver?

GetItGeek delivers to about 200 countries worldwide.

  • Can I track my order at GetItGeek.com?

Yes, GetItGeek provides shipment tracking services to its users.

  • How do I track my order?

You can track your order easily on GetItGeek’s website, once you place an order a tracking number will be assigned and emailed to you, using it you can easily see how long it is until you receive your parcel.

  • What methods of payment does GetItGeek accept?

GetItGeek accommodates it users by providing multiple payment routes. You can pay for your shipment by Visa, Master Card and PayPal.

  • What means of shipment is used at GetItGeek.com?

Your geeky goodies are delivered to you by EMS, ePacket or USPS, according to the weight and size of the product. Our ultimate goal is that our clients receive their shipment timely and securely.

  • Do I need to pay for shipping?

GetItGeek offers FREE shipping to almost 200 countries worldwide.

  • Does free shipping apply to the custom charges?

The free shipping does not extend to custom charges. You may encounter a customs fees when the package arrives in your country.

  • How fast do you deliver?

Delivery time can usually take up to 10-30 business days, depending on your location and excluding the 2-5 processing days.

  • What is the Refund Policy at GetItGeek?

This geek store allows its customer to refund all their geeky goods with-in 15 business days.

  • Who do I contact in case my shipment doesn’t arrive?

Any matter related to your shipment can be discussed with our customer services option available on our website.

  • I have only received one of my packages? Is that normal?

Yes, sometimes even if you apply for combined shipping you may sometimes receive one before the other. Your other shipment will be arriving soon. If not then contact customer services for further information.

  • Is there an age limit to using GetItGeek.com?

Generally, the website is only available to people who are a minimum of 13 years of age.

  • Is it safe to use GetItGeek?

Yes, completely. GetItGeek has a strict privacy policy, your personal and financial information is safe with us. GetItGeek does not disclose a client’s personally-identifying information.

Welcome to Get It Geek
Welcome to Get It Geek
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